About Us

Universal Fitness has been a staple in the Australian health, fitness and supplements industry for over 30 years.

In 1986, Universal Fitness (then known as Inner Body Fitness) originally opened its doors in Brisbane as a health and supplements retailer. In 2001, we began developing and manufacturing our own high-quality protein powders and supplements (and we haven’t looked back!).

We started the Universal Fitness supplements brand with one goal:
To provide the Australian market with the best tasting, highest quality, health and fitness supplements at the lowest price!

 And this still drives everything we do today. 

These three factors are front of mind when developing all our products. Using our unique ‘Kiro’ flavouring technology, we ensure our protein powders and supplements taste delicious in water, with no lumps or chalky aftertaste. 

Our ingredients include Australian herbs and Amino Acids, with our formulas being designed to enhance your body to achieve better workouts and maximum results.

We formulate, make and package ALL our products right here in Australia! 

With 30 years of business, comes 30 years of clients, customers and taste testers! It is their feedback, transformations and successes that have made the Universal Fitness brand so successful.

Our product speaks for itself – try it today or contact info@universalfitness.com.au for more information.