In today’s internet highway of information and social conditioning young trainers are missing out on some good quality muscle gains. The internet information is confusing people about how to put on muscle. So below is a very simple guide line to take out all the confusion.

A simple guide to three different types of training methods.

There are 3 types of training

  • Bodybuilding training to create and build bigger muscles
  • Strength training to make you strong but not for muscle growth
  • Endurance training for fitness and for sports.


Muscle size or strength or fitness. Most guys want more muscle and strength together. The only problem is that most guys have average genetics and only lift average amount of weights.

What you lift is not the issue; IT’S HOW you lift the weight.

Training with your ego, “ugg” caveman, lift heavy weights attitude” will not make you more muscular. How many guys do you see at the gyms who try to lift heavy weights using bad form and they never change, 80%, more maybe?

Bodybuilding training is much different to power or strength training. Most young power or bodybuilders train with the wrong mind set thinking they will get great results from heavy weight. They send months or even years wasting their time and money.  Heavy weights training will work for about 2% of the men. That leaves the other 98%.

Strength training or academic training is what most people are being taught in gyms. You‘ll get stronger but you won’t get bigger muscles. This training method is all about strength. Most people in the gym try to lift as much weight as possible and they follow the general information and attitude that’s in the gym scene.

The Academic method is “10/10/10 reps” or “8/10 reps”, maybe “12/12/12… First set warm up, second set is harder and third set to some sort of failure. This way of training is good for about 6 to 8 weeks. Then you will plateau.

When you first start at gym your muscles/body are shocked by training. You normally achieve some sort of result, a bit of strength, a bit of weight loss or increase in muscle. After about 6-8 weeks it slows right down or just stops. I see a lot of guys and girls who keep doing the same thing after that initial gain or loss – frustration sets in. you change exercises and that doesn’t work then you move onto something else and still nothing.  Sound familiar?

The training that is given out in the gym is academic strength training, textbook stuff, and if you don’t believe me have a look at someone else’s training program”. It’s taught through the fitness schools. It was just a way of doing weights, which is based on some form of research. That’s great for general training but it’s not for serious muscle development.


So really, research means nothing if you can’t get results from it – but they needed a base level for the average fitness training. As for Fitness Training: well that’s not my field so try Brad shepherd of Peak Physique or Craig at Brisbane Personal Trainers they are two best around. There just 2 off the top of my head.

The last time I check most of the fitness schools don’t really teach the young trainers information that is related to serious bodybuilding or real muscle development. So if you want to put on muscle make sure you have an experience P.T. who has the knowledge on body building nutrition and training or who is competitive bodybuilding themselves and is a competitor.

Make sure you know what you want. If you want fitness training I’m sure the local P.T. will serve you well but for bodybuilding seek out a specialist.

Speaking of specialist I’m extremely knowledgeable with all things to do with bodybuilding, strength training, weight loss, energy, diabetics and chronic fatigue.

I’ve helped more than 25,000 people over the last 25-30 years achieving results well beyond most people’s expectations, including 4 National and 14 State Natural Physique Champions. Some have gone on to become Mr. Natural Olympia champions.

You may not want to be a competitive bodybuilder, but you still want a muscular body so you have to learn the right way. I have developed over 50 bodybuilding Training Attitude Principles. Try them and make up your own mind.

Remember, the first time you change something it feels uncomfortable… so “handle it” and practice the training and the attitude! The more you practice the better you get.

How do you get these training Methods and attitudes?

I have created “muscle kits” pre-designed supplement solutions kits that come with training programs that will leave you in pain but feeling great and a personal genetic food plan to ignite your anabolic state and using supplements to support your training and food intake.

If it for weight loss and firming up we have pre-designed supplement solutions kits as well. You have My guarantee: If you don’t get results (more muscle development or fat loss) I will give you your money back in full.   (Some conditions apply)