Find out the real truth about supplements. You’ll be amazed!

There are 3 types of supplements:

  • Calorie supplements such as protein powders and meal replacement etc
  • Turbo supplements or non calorie supplements such as Creatine, beta Alanine, L-Carnitine and L-Glutamine etc.
  • Essential fat acids, vitamins and minerals

The most important thing your body needs is food – so the calorie supplements should be first on your list. So go for Protein Powder – either Meal Replacements like M.W.G or our pure protein the Universal RED.

Once you have your food on track, move onto the turbo supplements like Creatine and Amino acids.

Last but not least, E.F.A fats, vitamins and minerals should be in your diet most of the time.

I use olive oil a lot, Hey millions of Greeks and Italians can’t be wrong. Remember don’t get suckered by the muscle magazine marketing or on the internet.

Using a high quality protein powder like Universal Red and Creatine in combination makes a lot of sense to me, more muscle tissue is broken down, more protein to repair the muscle, what do you think?

With natural products everyone is different, genetics, stress levels, attitude, commitment, desire, consistency, so they have different results. I have used the same product but trained a different way and achieved great results instead of little or nothing.

If you want an honest answer about supplements contact me at  I’ll be glad to help.

Why do Some Supplements work, while others don’t? This is the hardest question to answer…

Question: Will Creatine put on more muscle?

Answer: Yes and No!

Under laboratory analyses, and in technical theories, Creatine will increase strength. But add in the human elements like work, stress, beer, etc and everything changes!

The right answer is that Creatine should be used at the same time as introducing extra protein into your meals to help repair the extra muscle breakdown. So there are two answers to every question.

For example: If you use Creatine and eat the same amount of food/protein you’ll probably lose muscle. You’ve increased your reps and you’ve broken down more muscle fibres – but you haven’t increased your protein intake. Your muscles can’t get enough food to repair the extra muscle fibres you’ve broken down.

That’s when you get fluid buildup or the puffy fat look. This is called the Catabolic State (“Muscle Wastage”). This is where your body will plateau or you’ll go backwards. Most gym trainers don’t eat anywhere near enough protein in their daily intake.

Correct information is vital on how and when to use supplements with your training and food intake.

So I have created Ready-made Muscle Gain and Fat Loss kits and I’ve designed them to maximize your results by taking out the guesswork. I have based my Supplement Kits around the most effective products that will help you to build a better body. Also included in the kits is a 4 week personal genetic food and Attitude training plans.

So you’ll never know until you try a different way.

One last thing All USA products brought in to Australia have been water down or change to suit the Australian T.G.A rules and regulations. so be warned. Their claims are bogus.