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The truth is “It’s all about how “YOU LOOK”, not how much you weigh or how much you can lift in the gym.

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If you see someone walking down the street or in a shop that is lean and muscular, the first thing you think is he or she looks great or they have big muscles or how lean they are.

You don’t know how much they weigh or what they bench press at the gym, they just look good.

Weighing 100kg or lifting 100kg is not really that important unless you are in a competition that calls for it or they are your goals. Everybody, males especially focus on this sort of goal. But the question is “do you look lean and muscular”  The problem is everybody is DIFFERENT in size, shape and strength.

A person 5′ 4″ who is stocky can lift twice as much as a person who is 6’2″ with fine bone structure. As long as you achieve a muscular lean body, it doesn’t matter what weight you lift.

So the weight you lift on the bench and what you weigh is not the issue. In people eyes if you’re fat you’re fat or you’re lean and muscular or somewhere in between. You could be the strongest guy in the world and they wouldn’t know it by just looking at you. It’s how you look.

Abs look better then rolls of fat, wouldn’t you agree?

So you are better off being 90kg at 10% then 100kg at 20% because you can see more muscle definition and you’ll look bigger. If you don’t believe me go to a bodybuilding show. The guys on stage look huge but when you see them up close after the show they are at most only 70kg to 85kg. They are so lean it creates the illusion of being bigger. This is want you want to have.

Here’s a little challenge for you:

How to Judge Your Results

Take PHOTOS please. DON’T USE SCALES TO JUDGE YOUR RESULTS. . Take photos front, back and sides. 4 to 6 weeks later take more photos. If you are still look the same then you need to email or see me and I need to change what you are doing right NOW.

So to make it easy I have created Ready-made Muscle Gain and Fat Loss kits and I’ve designed them to maximize your results by taking out the guesswork. I have based my Supplement Kits around the most effective products that will help you to build a better body. Also included in the kits is a 4 week personal genetic food program and Attitude training plans.

For your information If you lose a kilo of body fat and put on a kilo of muscle you’ll weigh the same right? A kilo of muscle weighs the same as fat, but is only half the size/volume.

When you’re on the scales, you’ll think you haven’t lost any weight. Plays with your mind, like I said take photos and also use your clothes as a general guide, photos are best and they don’t lie!

Stop thinking about the photo, get over it and just do it, it won’t kill you.

Remember, muscle always looks better than rolls of fat.

I’ll say it again, if you weigh 100kgs at 20% body fat, and you lower your body fat to 10%, you’ll look much more muscular. It doesn’t matter what you weigh. I know, you’ll look smaller in a shirt, but when it comes off, look out.