“FMLC” Weight Loss & Fat Metaboliser

Weight Loss Fat Metaboliser FMLC, increases fat mobilisation, liver function & is great for Weight Loss & Fat Loss.

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    Weight Loss & Fat Metaboliser FMLC

    This one of our most popular products, it’s so good for weight loss and general health that we can’t recommend it highly enough. Note if you drink a lot, smoke, take drugs or even Panadol this product will help to keep your liver from being destroyed. FMLC has the highest amount of L- Methionine than any other product on the market per 5 grams.

    FMLC (Fat Metaboliser & Liver Cleanser) is one of the most powerful weapons on the market to increase fat mobilisation and increase general liver function. Consisting of three amino acids L-METHIONINE, INOSITOL, CHOLINE. L- Methionine is essential amino acid which means the body can not produce it and it would take 5kgs of meat per day to achieve the levels of Methionine required.

    The amino acids are pre-digested and will secrete through the wall of the stomach giving a 97-99% absorption rate. Please:- Note try to take FMLC on a empty stomach. Put on back of tongue, use very warm water ,swirl around in your mouth till dissolved then swallow. drink more water. FMLC (Fat Metaboliser & Liver Cleanser)’s main function is to remove the toxins and increase the functions the liver. Thus increasing the mobilising of fatty acids out of the liver. The human liver has segments which well call pockets. Through bad eating habits,alcohol and the air we breathe these pockets become full of fats and toxins.

    As the liver becomes restricted fat loss is reduced due to a lower level of liver function. “Sluggish liver” FMLC will increase the function of the liver by cleaning out these pockets helping to mobilise more fats into the blood stream about 80% .  Higher the liver function the more fat is mobilised. this gives you to 24 hours fat usage resulting in more fat loss at a much faster rate. Taking FMLC (Fat Metaboliser & Liver Cleanser), is essential when starting any fat loss regime. Most people start on a thermogenic product to lose weight, while these will work, they can only be effective if you have sufficient fat to mobilised and burn off. So use FMLC one week before and you will increase your fat loss by well over 80%. Also assisting the liver in it’s daily functions removing of unwanted toxins increases your overall wellbeing. You will  notice an increase in your energy levels and this will allow you to have more vigorous training sessions Important note: Universal fitness FMLC should always be used with or before any other thermogenic products are used. For better results and higher rate of fat loss. Take FMLC in conjunction with L-Carnitine and REV.

    We have fat loss kits that contains supplements, food plan and training and cardio programs. these come with a money back guarantee.

    Composition  Serving size 5g = 1 scoop

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