Super Recovery Stack

This powerful combination is specially formulated to enhance muscle growth, Strength and energy. Micronized Creatine allows you to increase the contractile strength of your muscles, allowing you increase the weight you lift at the gym.

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    Super Recovery Stack is CARB FREE. It’s PURE AMINO ACIDS, more bang for your buck. Stronger and Better results.

    Super Recovery Stack is designed for the bodybuilders, athletes and Strength trainers looking to enhance recovery and inhibit the breakdown of muscle tissue during and after training.

    L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid the human body, is promotes nitrogen retention (protein sparing), faster recovery and essential nutrients needed for MUSCLE GROWTH/repair and cell volumisation.

    Over half of your muscle tissue is made from glutamine but is broken down at a 4 to 1 ratio during intense workouts. BCAA’S Increased Recovery – Perhaps the greatest benefit to hard training athletes is the increase in metabolic recovery that follows supplementation.

    Most athletes feel a substantial decrease in the amount of post exercise muscle soreness soon after beginning BCAA supplementation.

    Endurance – The BCAA’S can serve as a donor of nitrogen in the formation of l-alanine, which provides the body with glucose after glycogen stores have been depleted.

    Stimulate Protein Synthesis – BCAA’S by themselves have been shown to independently stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In other words, they have shown the ability to induce muscle gains, even in the absence of weight training!

    Studies have shown that BCAA supplementation increases the hormones: testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin. Stimulate Fat Loss – Supplementation of BCAA’S has been shown to trigger significant and preferential losses of visceral body fat.

    Located in the deeper layers of the body under the subcutaneous fat, this visceral fat tends to be resistant to dieting and is hard to lose. Anti-Catabolic Effects – BCAA’S probably exert most of their anabolic effects through anti-catabolic activity. In short, they suppress the use of muscle proteins for fuel, thereby sparing the breakdown of muscular protein.

    In part this is because they can sacrifice themselves as fuel. With less muscular protein being broken down by the body during training, the net result is increased protein synthesis and more muscle for you!

    Nutritional Information     Per8g Nutritional Information Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) >6.25 Energy (kJ) <50
    Protein (g) >0.125 Protein (g) <1
    Fat, total (g) >0.125 Fat, total (g) <1
    Saturated (g) >0.125 Saturated (g) <1
    Carbohydrates (g) >0.125 Carbohydrates (g) <1
    Sugars (g) >0.125 Sugars (g) <1
    Sodium (mg) n/a Sodium (mg) n/a
    L-Glutamine (g) 2.99 L-Glutamine (g) 37.48
    Leucine (g) 2.00 Leucine (g) 25
    Isoleucine (g) 1.00 Isoleucine (g) 12.5
    Valine (g) 1.00 Valine (g) 12.5
    Taurine (g) 0.500 Taurine (g) 6.25
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