Pure Creatine “Harder Faster Stronger”

Universal Fitness MICRONIZED Creatine “CREAPURE  “TM” made in Germany the best Creatine on the market. End of Story.

We were the first to stock Creatine in Qld back in 1991.

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    Universal Fitness Creatine “Harder Faster Stronger” is the best Creatine on the market.

    I have tried the other Creatine products, if you don’t have extra water in your cells it won’t work. So if they say no water retention IT WILL NOT WORK.

    Pure Creatine “Creapure” allows the body to increase the contractions of muscles strength and speed by approximately up to 30% and in effect, increasing water retention in your muscles “cell volumising”, increasing your muscle cells potential for more efficiency in converting proteins (amino acids) into muscle tissue.

    Creatine allows you to increase your strength/weights by about 20-30% within 1-2 week of taking Universal Fitness’s Creatine. As Creatine increases water retention it has a cell volumising effect on all muscles.

    Please Note:- You MUST increase your protein intake  by at least 20% per meal as you will be breaking down more muscle so you’ll need more fuel to repair the muscle tissue.

    Also increase you water intake by up to 2-3 litres a day more in your body the muscle the muscle will use it. if you don’t your body will take fluid from other organs and use it in your muscle Not good.

    Special Note:- Stay away from the any product that is going to remove water from your body like booze coffee, or any other drug.

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