Muscle & Weight Gainer “M.W.G”

Muscle & weight gainer M.W.G with whey protein concentrate creates the Anabolic state or muscle growth state within the body. great as a meal replacement.

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  • Product Description

    Muscle & Weight Gainer M.W.G is design for the lean or slightly build person. The biggest problem with gaining muscle or maintaining energy is consuming enough of the right foods and how often you consume them.

    A serving of M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer is equivalent to 130 grams of cooked steak and 200 grams of cooked rice.

    M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer has the highest quality nutrients including and most biologically ’active protein available, Cold filtered Whey Protein Concentrate. It also contains long chain complex carbohydrates called “Maltodextrin” derive from rice with almost zero fat.

    You want the highest quality possible nutrition supplying the body with all the fuel you needed throughout the day. M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer has been was specifically designed for people wishing to increase their muscle mass size without too much body fat. M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer also has the benefit of being a Complete meal replacement for men and women.

    M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer supplies you all the correct nutrients to create what we call the “anabolic state” or “muscle growth state” within the body. M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer is also great for women, as they only need 60% of a normal serve, making M.W.G very affordable.

    Simply mix M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer in water or milk and you have a complete meal of protein and carbohydrates with low fat. Muscle growth is not solely attributed to your efforts in the gym; it’s when your body reaches its recovery phase “after training” that all the action really begins.

    If you metabolic rate is very high you’ll need lots of extra food for adequate muscle recovery and growth to occur. The body must be in a state of positive nitrogen balance. Nitrogen is lost when muscle tissue is broken down during training. The only way nitrogen can be replenished is from the protein and Carbohydrates. M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer is perfect plus add in a few bananas  or fruit for extra carbs and vitamins.

    If protein and carbohydrate intake is inadequate the body cannot produce enough nitrogen to repair muscle, so no extra muscle can be added and the cycle is broken. Protein and carbohydrates “The M.W.G” are actually your link between training and muscle growth.

    M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer quality is at the highest level; all ingredients are individually and independently tested to surpass the goods manufacturing practice of Australia.

    Each 75g serving of M.W.G Muscle & Weight Gainer Consists of 30g of Ultra Cold-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate and 35g of Maltodextrin – giving you the most biologically active protein available.

    Composition            Serving size 75g =              7 level scoops    75g in water  

    per 100g
    Energy   (Kj) 1118  1544
    (Kcal) 279  386
         Protein 30.0g 40.0g
    Fat 1.7g 2.3
    Carbohydrates  -Total 35g 46.0g
    -sugars 1.7g 2.3g
    Calcium 126mg 168mg
    Sodium 49.0mg 65mg
    Potassium 90.0mg 120mg





     Essential Amino Acids    Non-Essential Amino Acids   
    L-Isoleucine 1868mg L-Histidine 887mg
    L-Leucine 5744mg L-Alanine 2195mg
    L-Lysine 8742mg L-Arginine 1681mg
    L-Methionine 1027mg Aspartic Acid 5137mg
    L-Phenylalanine 1634mg L-Cysteine/Cystine 841mg
    L-Threonine 2568mg L-Glutamic acid 7892mg
    L-Tryptophan * 1354mg L-Glycine 934mg
    L-Valine 2382mg L-Proline 2382mg
    L-Serine 2568mg L-Tyrosine 1774mg
    Tryptophan is a natural component of Whey Protein.      




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