Joint & Cartilage Formula 500g

Joint & Cartilage is a very stong formula for all athletes and persons with cartilage and arthritic conditions. I can’t recommend this product more highly,it’s my life saver.

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    Joint & Cartilage is ideal for athletes and the elderly or anyone who has joint/cartilage problems. Documented studies have shown an increase in the regrowth of cartilage by using MSM, Glucosamine, shark cartilage, Alanine, Taurine, Devil’s Claw “Harpogophytum procumbens”, and vitamin C.

    Per 15 grams serve:

    Carbohydrate =6725mg
    Glucosamine =3000mg
    Vitamin C =2000mg
    MSM =1000mg
    L-Alanine =1000g
    Taurine =900mg
    Devils Claw= 495mg
    Shark Cartilage= 248mg
    Bio-Flavonoid =150mg
    Calcium Carbonate= 150mg

    Basically healthy cartilage requires 4 things.

    1.Water for lubrication and nourishment

    2. Proteoglycans to attract and hold water

    3. Collagen to hold proteoglycans in place

    4. Chondrocytes to clean away old proteoglycans and collagen plus produce new ones.

    Joint & Cartilage Formula may help with regrowth and repair of cartilage. One of the most effective supplements for osteoarthritis is a compound called Glucosamine Sulphate. Glucosamine is an amino sugar produced from the shells of chitin (shellfish) and is a key component of cartilage.

    Glucosamine in Joint & Cartilage Formula has been proven effective in numerous scientific trials for easing osteoarthritis, aiding in the rehabilitation of cartilage, renewing synovial fluid, and repairing joints that have been damaged.

    Alanine is an amino acid that supports and increases the absorption of Glucosamine.

    Shark Cartilage provides collagen and glycosaminoglycan’s (GAG’s), such as glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate, which are components of all connective tissues. Supports maintenance and repair of joint tissues and joint lubrication.  Promotes strong, healthy and resilient joints.

    Supports joint healing in athletic injuries and tissue repair. Anti-inflammatory helps relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and psoriasis.   MSM (methylsulphonymethane) is a naturally occurring compound.

    The high quality, bio-available source of methyl sulfonylmethane, has shown in clinical studies to have beneficial effects on arthritic conditions.

    Taurine is added to remove toxins from the liver and also increases the neurotransmitters which are attached to the muscle. Vitamin C has been researched extensively concerning connective tissue strength (tendons, ligaments, cartilage).

    Vitamin C is crucial for the proper function of the enzyme proto-collagen hydroxylase, which produces collagen and enhances cartilage repair. Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is recommended for the supportive treatment of degenerative painful joints.

    It has shown an improvement of mobility and a reduction of pain sensation in several clinical studies.  Pharmacological experiments have shown anti-inflammatory actions. Devil’s claw root has been used to treat painful Arthrosis, tendonitis, rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago.

    Joint & Cartilage Formula is one of the strongest formulas on the market.

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