Weight & fat Loss food programs for Men And Women

Weight Loss Food Plans for Men And Women

I developed these weight loss food plans 25 years  ago. My food plans work so well and roughly 12,000 normal everyday people have use these plans with great success. including some of the best bodybuilders in oz.

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    Food Plans, Weight Loss for Men And Women

    I need your height, weight and your wrist and ankle measurement please. my food plans are based on your genetic make up. please leave your details in the notes area. thanks    

    Ufss has developed weight loss food plans. More then 12,000 gym and sports people have use these plans with great success. Some have been just dam right freaky. The food programs are so good that some of the best natural bodybuilders in Brisbane use these plans for pre-contest weight loss for their competitions.

    I do strongly recommend you do buy the FMLC , This will increase your liver function and fat mobilisation, kick starting your fat loss in a big way.

    These plans are tailored to your genetics, they are precise in every way. The amount of food, variety and choice of foods, when to eat and how to cook. My information is simple and logical. If you follow the plan you will lose fat, have tonnes of energy and feel great. This is a money back guarantee. conditions apply

    We also I have supplement kits that comes with everything, supplements, the food plan, weight training and cardio programs to enhance your process 10 fold.

    Each kit will last for 4-6 weeks, then you have to adjust the plan because you metabolic rate would have change and so will your weigh. This can be as much as   6 -15 kg. When you use my supplements kits  with the food plan, your results can be quite significant.

    try them.