BCAA’s – Help a Muscle Out!

BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are designed to increase Recovery and improve training performance.

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    BCAA’S (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are the best in powder form.

    Most BCAA’s formulas contain lots of CARBS as a base which is a waste of time.  Our BCAA’s are CARB FREE PURE AMINO ACIDS, more bang for your buck.

    I recommend at least 7- 10 grams serve of Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) before a work out and then a protein shake with carbs after your work out.

    One of the challenges in maintaining focus during intense training and physical exercise is maintaining muscle energy and mental fatigue. Most athletes take corrective action to ward against muscle fatigue, mental fatigue by using Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure BCAA’s

    I don’t know any serious trainer that doesn’t use Branch Chain Amino Acids, Pure (BCAA’s)

    In fact, recent research has placed increasing emphasis on muscle and mental fatigue during exercise. This mental fatigue is commonly referred to as central fatigue because of the involvement of the central nervous system. While the muscle performance is so important during weight training it can reduce the capacity to perform optimally.

    There is a correlation between the amino acid tryptophan in the brain and the degree of mental fatigue. Upon entry into the brain, tryptophan has the ability to calm the central nervous system, causing sleep and drowsiness. So high dosages of Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) circulating in the bloodstream will help control the entry of tryptophan into the brain.

    During long term and sustained exercise, however, muscles use large amounts of Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) as a source for energy readily replace glucose in the energy production pathways.

    Research shows that supplementation with Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) can prevent central fatigue and muscle wastage. As muscles begin to uses more Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) the level in your body drops, which can induce fatigue and tiredness and muscle wastage.

    Supplementation of Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) before and during exercise has been proven to stops muscle wastage and enhances performance.

    Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) are needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue during physical stress and intense exercise. From the perspective of athletes, Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) function as anabolic agents and induce muscle sparing, which allows the body to burn fat and not muscle. Nutrient needs often increase faster than calorie needs in athletes.

    Universal Fitness Sports Nutrition is committed to providing athletes with the strongest products on the market to create the best possible results. Our Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure (BCAA’s) is just that.  Designed to increase endurance, lengthen the time to fatigue and improve performance.

    Nutritional Information Per 5g Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 48(kj) 1200(kj)
    Protein (g) <1 <1
    Fat, total (g) <1 <1
    Saturated (g) <1 <1
    Sodium (mg) n/a n/a
    Leucine (g) 2.0g 50.00g
    Isoleucine (g) 1.0g 25.00g
    Valine (g) 1.0g 25.00g


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