20% Off the entire web site for the month of March

To help all our customers save  more money on some of the highest quality Supplements, we are offering 20% off the entire website for the rest of March to coincide with the Oxygen 12 week challenge and the Arnold Classic, use the coupon code Oxygen.

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The Truth About Sugar and Insulin

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUGARS AND HOW BAD THEY REALLY ARE FOR YOUR INSULIN.   The Truth About Sugar and Insulin :- Around 85% of people are sensitive to “sugars” both Complex and simple. So if you eat 20 grams of carbs/sugar your body will react like you have eaten 50 or 60 grams [...]

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The 3 Golden Training Principles

In today’s internet highway of information and social conditioning young trainers are missing out on some good quality muscle gains. The internet information is confusing people about how to put on muscle. So below is a very simple guide line to take out all the confusion. A simple guide to three different types of training [...]

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Most people never achieve the results they want Are you getting the results to want?? Find out how you can be sure? BEING STRONG IS NOT A RESULT IT’S BY-PRODUCT The truth is “It’s all about how “YOU LOOK”, not how much you weigh or how much you can lift in the gym. Read training [...]

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Find out the real truth about supplements. You’ll be amazed! There are 3 types of supplements: Calorie supplements such as protein powders and meal replacement etc Turbo supplements or non calorie supplements such as Creatine, beta Alanine, L-Carnitine and L-Glutamine etc. Essential fat acids, vitamins and minerals The most important thing your body needs is [...]

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WELCOME to the new Universal Fitness website! We are working hard to improve and update the site & will be adding more info & programs soon. Check out the new products and keep an eye out for our next promotion or challenge! We hope you enjoy the new look & we look forward to helping [...]

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ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: We are experiencing a short delay in order processing and delivery at this time. Whilst we are still accepting orders, the earliest date for dispatch is 30/10/17.
After that time, orders will be processed and dispatched within 24hrs as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.