About Universal Fitness…

1986 the first true Bodybuilding Supplement shop in Brisbane was opened; it was called Inner Body Fitness before changing names to Universal Fitness in 1990. Universal Fitness became the place to go for best variety of brands, the best prices and great service.

Thousands of Brisbane bodybuilders, weight loss clients and the general fitness people have been through the doors over the last 30 years. Some have gone onto great heights to become MR Olympia’s.

In 2001, Universal Fitness began developing and manufacturing their own high quality protein powders, fat burners and other products. Creating the Universal Fitness label/brand and the success has been phenomenal.

With so much customer feedback from thousands of customers Universal Fitness develop products that people would use over and over again. Flavour “second to price” is the most important factor with protein powders. So with that in mind a new a new flavouring technology was developed called “Krio Flavouring “. The protein powders taste delicious in water with no lumps or chalky or chemical after taste and they are very easy to mix.

Other products containing herbs and Amino Acids are the strongest on the Australian market. They have been designed to enhance your body functions so you achieve better workouts and maximum results. Helping you achieve your idea body image plus give you great value for your money.

It’s now been 30 years since Universal Fitness started developing products and we are still going strong. If they weren’t good Universal Fitness wouldn’t be here. So try our products, you’ll save Money and achieve better results.

In 2007 Universal Fitness went online only, closing the 3 shops around Brisbane.

What Universal Fitness offers is very simple:

The best tasting, Highest Quality Protein Powders on the market. The strongest fat burners, muscle gaining Products in Oz, at the Lowest Prices.

We want you to benefit from our products and of course buy at the LOWEST prices.

If you want any information about any product you can email us sales@ufss.com.au

Universal Fitness only uses the highest quality proteins from New Zealand Whey Proteins WPC and WPI without the big price tag.

You’re GUARANTEED the best quality products at the lowest prices in Australia.

Our aim is to:

  • Supply you with the highest quality products, according to your unique needs.
  • Supply you with the lowest priced Sports Supplements in Australia.
  • Support you with fast reliable service.
  • To be consistent and helpful so you feel like a member of our already large family.
  • To create a standard second to none.